Nov. 9th, 2016

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Author: [ profile] amypond45
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,242
Tags: Time Travel, Wincest, Bottom!Sam

Summary: Did Sam really "stop" looking for Dean after he disappeared at the end of Season 7? Or is there just something Sam did that he doesn't want Dean to know about? Soon after the brothers move into the bunker, Dean has a weird dream. When he confronts Sam about it, he gets some answers he wasn't quite expecting.

A/N: This is an attempted fix-it AU for 8.01 and 11.11 and is a sequel to Most Things Happen Somewhere Else by [ profile] riyku based on my prompt for SPN-Masquerade. That's a brilliant story on its own, but it also fits my idea of what happened to Sam after Dean disappeared at the end of Season 7, even though that's probably not what [ profile] riyku intended. I highly recommend reading it before reading my story, although it's not necessary to do so to understand what's going on here. I got the title from The Allman Brothers' song of the same name. Thanks to [ profile] smalltrolven for the helpful beta!

Fic Links: A03 HERE | LJ HERE

Artist: [ profile] stormbrite

Art Links: On LJ | On A03


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