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Srsly, why do I love New England weather? Maybe because growing up in Portland, Oregon where it was always rainy and grey in the winter makes me appreciate all the sunshine and bright whiteness of New England in winter. Also, after years of living dirt poor in a fourth-floor walk-up, finally having a house of our own in the woods with a fireplace and a Christmas tree feels so Norman Rockwell I'm puking in my mouth a little. In a good way. It doesn't hurt having a day off after working fourteen days straight, yeah. I was starting to worry I'd never get over the 15K-word-hump on this story, but now it's flowing again so everything's fine. Heard from my lovely artist and am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Back to work!
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So. Making progress on this latest story, my first fic for a Big Bang challenge. No beta yet. Wondering how I can find one...need to ask someone. This is all so new and weird! Next check-in is Monday. I have about 18K words now and still getting fresh ideas. The mid-season finale gave me another story about their growing up days! So excited to see if I can include that somehow!
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Writing for my first challenge and am so excited I feel like somebody gave me a pony! Plus a wonderful illustrator has agreed to make art to go with my story, how utterly amazeballs is that?! Also I've got my first gig as a beta to a wonderful, brilliant author whose work I adore and admire SO MUCH it just feels unreal to be emailing back and forth with her. I don't think I could be more excited if I met Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki in person (how else do you meet someone? In unperson?) Anyway, now I need to take my own advice and get down to work. These things don't write themselves, do they?
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Finished at 30K words. A lotta firsts for me -- first J2 fic, first sequel to one of my own stories, first time writing on demand. Weird! Happy with the outcome, but nervous too. Everybody here has been writing for-freakin-ever on this show, and who the hell do I think I am coming in and pretending to have something to say?! But I'm way too inspired and excited to let it bother me, at least not enough to stop writing, thank god, cuz without writing -- without creative expression about this show and all it makes me feel -- I don't know how I'd function!

Now I just need a title for this thing.

And some editing.


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